Little Voice identifies and reach out to children with special needs particularly those living in vulnerable conditions like orphans, street children and drug-addicted with backgrounds of abusive and negligent families, with the aim of sheltering them and providing for their needs.

Abuse of Children with Special Needs

Many vulnerable children living in unsafe environments are continuously abused, especially those with mental disabilities. The children languish in poverty and lack representation, protection, shelter, food and proper medical care. Join us in safeguarding the interests of these children and empowering them with life skills as they grow so they can become producers in the society.

Safeguarding the Interests of Children

Our approach is to:

  • To protect, advocate for the rights and freedom of expression for children living in vulnerable conditions by creating platforms where they can raise their voices.
  • To advice and support the government on policy, laws and projects establishment relating to vulnerable children.
  • To educate the public through seminars, workshops and public rallies on how to take responsibilities of fair and just parenthood of their children.
  • To develop and promote life skills among children through creativity and talents endowed in them and through various vocational trainings.
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We have been working with the elderly in parts of Kenya and Tanzania who have been neglected and left in dilapidated conditions with no support from their children. In some cases their children have brought grand children to their parents and left to pursue jobs in the city. These elderly have no source of income and it becomes tough for them to feed all the members in their households. When the homes need repair, there are no resources to do the repairs and their homes fall into further disrepair.

Little Voice has been helping build better structures for the elderly by using wood frames and corrugated iron sheets to make better housing and it has been a great blessing for them. With more resources we can be able build more houses for many who need it most and to support them from month to month with basic needs so they can live longer.

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People living with physical or mental disabilities have an especially difficult time in East Africa as a whole. This is because they are shunned by their families and left to fend for themselves or they are hidden in homes and not brought out to participate in day to day lives.

Some communities associate the disability with either a curse or as witchcraft; this wrong belief can lead to the disabled being lynched or stoned as a way of cleansing or removing the curse.

Little Voice has partnered with local communities to begin educating the families that these people can have a bright future with the right help and they can live full lives. We extend hope to the disabled by reaching out to them with love and in practical ways such as looking at their individual needs.

We want to address their situations to give them safer environments of growth where they can be integrated back into the community as contributing members.

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Clean Water

Many communities in the rural areas where we serve do not have access to clean water; sometimes there is no water at all and they use water from muddied rivers along with cattle and other livestock. This leads to poor sanitation and hygiene which affects all members of the community – young and old.

Clean piped water is vital and will be a tremendous boon to these communities. Little Voice International Ministries together with Rehoboth Harvest Ministry (based in Allentown, PA) are working on getting the first bore hole project dug as we partner with Engineers Without Borders (EWB).

Please consider partnering with us in getting bore holes dug; your donations will help make clean water accessible consistently for drinking, cleaning and irrigating crops.

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