Who We Are

Little Voice is voice to the voiceless – the young, elderly and people with disabilities who cannot speak for themselves and are taken advantage of due to their physical disabilities or poor financial background.

For years in some of our African countries; elderly people struggle in day to day life when they are abandoned, left in the villages with grandchildren and no food or shelter. People of all ages with disabilities or mentally challenged are neglected and kept in the house without care; others are accused of being witches and shunned in the community.

Little voice has been advocating for such groups of people in the following ways;

  1. Giving seminars to educate the community about this group of people and their importance despite the challenges they face.
  2. Offering the affected individuals and families counseling to help them deal with the pain and scarring they have gone through.
  3. Meeting the physical needs of these diverse individuals & families, i.e.
    – Taking the children back to school who were shunned at home.
    – Giving school supplies to needy children.
    – Building better shelters for the elderly.
    – Providing clean safe water for the communities.

How We Began

Little Voice started in 2015 when a young lady Caren was repeatedly raped and brutally murdered at age 22 because she was mentally challenged.  The perpetrators knew that she didn’t have a father and her mother was very poor so they took advantage of her situation with no repercussions.  Because her family is poor, she did not get the justice she deserved. Little Voice was founded out of the need to represent those with little or no voice (means) to speak and stand up for themselves.

We helped with some of the burial expenses and now we’re looking to hire a private investigator to pursue the case and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Leadership Board

Gloria Maleo Maina

Joshua Gerald Maleo
Vice President

Margaret Kibathi

Joel Maleo
Assistant Secretary

Juliana Kimati

George Maina
Assistant Treasurer

Joseph Karanja
Community Liaison Officer

Godwin Ombeni
Assistant Community Liaison Officer